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Take this chance to reflect upon and purify your thoughts…

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This Sunday, at 1:00 PM on YouTube LIVE, Eri will give us a lecture about the amazing power of Missionary Houses. She will focus on the illuminating our regions and bringing success to others, which is an incredibly pure desire. You can watch the lecture, The Principle of Prayer – Be a Lighthouse, by clicking here: https://youtu.be/5cgPBo-qz1Y

The power of the mind is real… but the condition for it to work is for you to wish for the success of others. Join us this Sunday for a chance to reflect on your thoughts and desires and make them a little purer. Be a lighthouse to spread the light.

With some of our members recently joining us officially as a missionary house member, I am so grateful for you all to learn the merit within this noble act.

What is a “Missionary House”?

A missionary house is to make a base of light from your home, which is blessed by Lord El Cantare. It is a potential seed for a future branch. It is the candle in the dark night. From your missionary efforts, we can expect the world to take one step closer to Utopia.

We will tell the date of the Lord’s descent
To future generations

From the missionary houses, we recite a kigan sutra on the Seventh Day. We report our achievements to the Lord each time. We also convey our earnest wish to be born again with Buddha in the future.

Illuminating Our Region as a Fort of Light

The mission of a Missionary House Leader is to do missionary work, nurture new members and increase Happiness. Let’s spread name of El Cantare, teachings of Happy Science, and convey joy of Faith by inviting more people to come to lecture viewings or other opportunities and through distributing magazines, flyers and so on.

What is a missionary house?:

A question: What is a missionary house at Happy Science? How can I become a missionary house leader? Is there anything I will need?

Dylan Elmer: Becoming a missionary house is a noble choice for you to make to light up your area with El Cantare’s light. It is to pray for your neighbors and feel spiritual responsibility for the spread of the light to your area.

To become a missionary house leader, you will need a few things. One is to have an aspiration as a spiritual leader in your area who illuminates the darkness. Another is to have a Gohonzon and to pray for your neighbors. Lastly, you must inform the branch manager of your desire to become a missionary house and they will provide guidance thereafter.

Many people wish for the world to be a better place. They await the day they can rejoice together with the world that all is well. To do so, the first and foremost duty of each of us is to illuminate the darkness with the torch of Truth.

Master Okawa: Also a lighthouse is usually built at a dangerous spot like a rocky shore, and it warns of danger. If the crew does not notice the danger, their ship will strike the rocks and be wrecked.

Therefore, people who are far from the lighthouse actually have a better understanding of the importance of the lighthouse, while the lighthouse keeper himself, his family or the people living nearby are often not aware of how important it is.

Let’s all stand up strongly and become a lighthouse. I hope you tune in to learn more!

Thanks for reading and El Cantare Bless!

★Take this chance to reflect upon and purify your thoughts

Eri will explain to us how to protect your family and community. Please join at the temple or online!