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Happy Science Weekly Newsletter

Take this chance to reflect upon and purify your thoughts…

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This Sunday, at 1:00 PM on YouTube LIVE, Eri will give us a lecture about the amazing power of Missionary Houses. She will focus on the illuminating our regions and bringing success to others, which is an incredibly pure desire. You can watch the lecture, The Principle of Prayer – Be a Lighthouse, by clicking here:

The power of the mind is real… but the condition for it to work is for you to wish for the success of others. Join us this Sunday for a chance to reflect on your thoughts and desires and make them a little purer. Be a lighthouse to spread the light.

With some of our members recently joining us officially as a missionary house member, I am so grateful for you all to learn the merit within this noble act.

What is a “Missionary House”?

A missionary house is to make a base of light from your home, which is blessed by Lord El Cantare. It is a potential seed for a future branch. It is the candle in the dark night. From your missionary efforts, we can expect the world to take one step closer to Utopia.

We will tell the date of the Lord’s descent
To future generations

From the missionary houses, we recite a kigan sutra on the Seventh Day. We report our achievements to the Lord each time. We also convey our earnest wish to be born again with Buddha in the future.

Illuminating Our Region as a Fort of Light

The mission of a Missionary House Leader is to do missionary work, nurture new members and increase Happiness. Let’s spread name of El Cantare, teachings of Happy Science, and convey joy of Faith by inviting more people to come to lecture viewings or other opportunities and through distributing magazines, flyers and so on.

What is a missionary house?:

A question: What is a missionary house at Happy Science? How can I become a missionary house leader? Is there anything I will need?

Dylan Elmer: Becoming a missionary house is a noble choice for you to make to light up your area with El Cantare’s light. It is to pray for your neighbors and feel spiritual responsibility for the spread of the light to your area.

To become a missionary house leader, you will need a few things. One is to have an aspiration as a spiritual leader in your area who illuminates the darkness. Another is to have a Gohonzon and to pray for your neighbors. Lastly, you must inform the branch manager of your desire to become a missionary house and they will provide guidance thereafter.

Many people wish for the world to be a better place. They await the day they can rejoice together with the world that all is well. To do so, the first and foremost duty of each of us is to illuminate the darkness with the torch of Truth.

Master Okawa: Also a lighthouse is usually built at a dangerous spot like a rocky shore, and it warns of danger. If the crew does not notice the danger, their ship will strike the rocks and be wrecked.

Therefore, people who are far from the lighthouse actually have a better understanding of the importance of the lighthouse, while the lighthouse keeper himself, his family or the people living nearby are often not aware of how important it is.

Let’s all stand up strongly and become a lighthouse. I hope you tune in to learn more!

Thanks for reading and El Cantare Bless!

★Take this chance to reflect upon and purify your thoughts

Eri will explain to us how to protect your family and community. Please join at the temple or online!

How ‘The Laws of the Sun’ changed my life

How 'The Laws of the Sun' changed my life

“As I watched Master Okawa speak and read his books, I intuitively understood that everything He was saying was absolutely 100% true.”

What I Learned NJ Minister

Dear members of Happy Science,

In the summer of 2013, I had one of the most painful experiences of my life.

I lost my father suddenly.

I felt completely alone and lost. I had no answers as to what would happen to him after death. I became extremely lonely and nervous, and thought everybody was against me. I felt that I was doomed to a life of poverty, and I had no hope in life. Looking back, I realize now that I was desperately searching for a salvation that was within reach.

After graduating high school I began to have a strong feeling that I was going to find the truth if I kept searching for it. I knew that there was a certain something that would change everything. It took many hours of watching videos and studying religious and spiritual topics until the certain something popped out of nowhere. I was searching on YouTube for this something every day.

I had an intense feeling one day that I should click on a movie called The Laws of the Sun on the sidebar. Little did I know that my entire life would transform at this very moment. As I watched the movie, I felt light pouring into me for the first time. It was like I was being pulled out of a dark cave into the sun very quickly.

After finishing the movie, a unique feeling stayed with me for around a month. It was a feeling of hope, compassion, and regret. I felt like I had been living a shameful life as I stared into the sky and thought. I realized that whoever or whatever had produced such a profound movie is where I could learn the truth.

I looked up Ryuho Okawa, and watched some of his lecture clips online. I also purchased The Laws of the Sun book and read it very slowly and carefully. As I watched Master Okawa speak and read his books, I intuitively understood that everything He was saying was absolutely 100% true.

After gaining new knowledge, everything began to make sense.


Once I understood how the Universe works, my life started improving.

Master Okawa’s teachings always come back to a few fundamental concepts. He teaches love, enlightenment, and the Creation of Utopia.

What I didn’t realize before reading his books is that by understanding how the world works, I became more capable of improving myself.

Most people think that we are dependent on the actions of other people and our environment. With such a mindset, they blame their circumstances when things go wrong. But, I came to realize two things. One is that there are “Laws,” which run throughout the Universe, that govern how all things operate. The second is that we have full control over our destiny. That means we have full responsibility.

I have practiced these teachings more and more over the past five years. I was really surprised to find just how capable I became in changing myself. From my gained understanding of how the world operates, I started changing my habits and lifestyle in the most positive direction and have been experiencing the happiness that such a life brings.

Love that Gives

The teachings in The Laws of the Sun give us an ultimate direction to aim towards in our path of life. One crucial element towards spiritual progress is increasing the level of our love.

There are three levels of love that everybody can learn. We call this “the Developmental Stages of Love.”

  1. Fundamental Love: A basic form of “love that gives.” This is the love between family members or friends, a type of love with which we are all very familiar. It is the love of a parent for a child, a child for his or her parents, a man for a woman, a woman for a man, one friend or neighbor for another.
  2. Nurturing Love: Spiritually nurturing love involves more than simply being kind to others. It requires us to teach and guide them so that they can grow spiritually. It gives us the power to improve the world, to make it a better place. This is the type of love you encounter on your path to becoming a leader of great character—a path that requires wisdom.
  3. Forgiving Love: People who practice forgiving love have already been through a transformative spiritual awakening; many virtuous leaders in religion have possessed forgiving love. It is a love that transcends the dichotomy of good and evil and is a state of mind completely devoted to one’s sacred mission.

Enlightenment and Spiritual Insight

In The Laws of the Sun, we also learn that, to know love is the equivalent of attaining enlightenment. Giving love is the way to spiritual refinement, so if you are depriving others of love, you are not on the path to enlightenment.

Throughout the ages, human beings have always sought Enlightenment. Some of us may not know exactly what enlightenment is, but we all have an undeniable desire to develop our souls. It’s woven into the very fabric of our humanity.

I introduce a grand system of knowledge of the truth, but your first aim must be to master the teachings on how to refine your mind and soul. Seventy to eighty percent of your spiritual discipline should be dedicated to mastering those teachings. If you do not make this effort, no matter how much historical knowledge you acquire, you will never be able to attain enlightenment.

Basically, what I learned is that, “it is not about the quantity of the love you give. What matters most is the quality of love.” That opened my eyes to the value system of Heaven. I could finally see things from the eyes of the Angels above us.

Creation of Utopia

The three concepts of love, enlightenment and the creation of a utopia will work together to achieve the ideals of Primordial Buddha. When I started thinking about how to contribute to ‘The Creation of Utopia,’ I found so much more purpose and meaning in my life.

  • We were all born with a certain “life plan” and mission. By fulfilling them, we advance in our spiritual level and this world becomes brighter.
  • A leading culture is created by large numbers of high spirits gathering in a particular area at a particular time.
  • In order to create a new culture or a new civilization, there must be a spiritual foundation.
  • How the world is shaped depends on our power to imagine and create.
  • If this world becomes a utopia, hell will diminish.

Everything in Happy Science connects back to this incredible unified theory of Truth. By believing in it and understanding it, our enthusiasm to live a purposeful life becomes so powerful. That’s why I really love spreading these teachings to the people. Basically, over a period of time, they become happier. But they also start to improve themselves and their lives with enthusiasm. Then they decide to start contributing to the joy of their home, their workplace, their community, and their country. It’s a never-ending cycle of awesome happiness!

Laws of the Sun
100 billion years ago
(If you’ve read The True Words Spoken by Buddha, I’m sure you’ve imagined a similar scene as the one above.)

Knowing All the Secrets of Heaven ➜ Unite the World’s Religions

A part of that incredible unified theory of Truth that I mentioned above includes the creation of the universe and the creation of humankind. It is astonishing, but we get to learn all the spiritual secrets for the first time ever! Everything is contained in The Laws of the Sun.

Master Okawa goes on to teach us the names and reincarnations of the greatest souls in Heaven, from every religion and culture. We learn why the religions developed the way they did, why they created conflicts with others, and the way to overcome all their differences and re-unite them.

So many people say, “we need to make peace,” “we need to coexist,” or “let’s unite the world.” But, here it teaches us the exact method and way to unite them. Master Okawa’s teachings will literally solve all these major world problems and conflicts.

That’s because the source of these teachings is El Cantare. The hidden name of Master Okawa’s soul. This hidden name was opened from The Laws of the Sun. El Cantare sent parts of his soul into the world throughout history to create a new civilization or culture.

One time, he was born as Gautama Buddha of India, another time as Hermes of Greece. These souls fulfilled their mission to build a utopian society in the time and place they were born. Now, the core part of Lord El Cantare has descended to the world. He is here to build a Utopia on a global scale.

Laws of sun movie clip

I’ll leave you with one final thing… “why we can’t wait”

We are now in an era where the Coronavirus is spreading and mutating faster than the vaccine can be administered. The vaccine was made very quickly and is not proven to mitigate advanced mutations. There are also totalitarian countries gaining power and strength. The world is abundant with nuclear weapons. We have even seen a reversion of some places where concentration camps and ethnic genocide are being used.

But we mustn’t forget that Heaven is always watching over us. Master Okawa forecasted long ago that 2020 was the beginning of the “Golden Age.” The Golden Age will be a time of destruction, where all the old and evil things which no longer serve humanity will be stripped down and crushed. We might feel the heavy burden of living in such a time.

Truly, truly, there must be a way to survive and thrive in such an era. It is by following the teachings of the Living Buddha, the Modern Savior, Master Ryuho Okawa. The world is now being purified. By believing in El Cantare, humankind can be granted final, supreme, and greatest salvation.

Yes, that will require a leap of faith. But, we already learned that, “every tree is known by his own fruit.” Master Okawa is giving us the fruits of salvation. Let’s take that leap of faith together with love, enlightenment, and the enthusiasm to create a Utopia in this world.

Thank you for reading. I look forward to witnessing your spiritual evolution.


The Laws of Secret – Book Release

“The Laws of Secret” - Book release!

The Law Series

At the beginning of every year, Master Okawa puts out the year’s most important book: The Law Series. It is the ‘policy book’ for the year, presenting the main concept, basic activity policy, and trends not just for Happy Science but for the world at large.

Laws of Secret
The Laws of Secret

27th Law Series kyouten (book) – The Laws of Secret

Science has unveiled a lot, but there is still much in this world that remains a mystery.

The Laws of Secret
is a book that will have a great impact on modern society for it reveals that we are “moving around the room with sunglasses on” if we do not realize that we are coexisting with spiritual influences in our everyday lives.

This is particularly relevant to our times today, as the coronavirus continues to affect millions of lives in the United States.

With the advancement of science, people say there is nothing that cannot be explained in the modern civilization, but how can this be true, when our daily lives are full of the unknown? – Preface

This book describes the ways to conquer the devils, as well as how to dispel viruses. It also reveals the mystical power of God and the miraculous power of faith. I believe people today need to learn this Truth afresh as a new subject of study. – Afterword

Let yourself be guided through this new subject of study by the sure and steady hand of Master Ryuho Okawa, who balances both mysticism and rationality.

Let yourself be guided through this new subject of study by the sure and steady hand of Master Ryuho Okawa, who balances both mysticism and rationality.

Mobile With Savior Hero Image

“When The Laws of Secret becomes common knowledge to you, this world will be more beautiful and be filled with delight. And you will surely feel grateful for the mystical truth that God is keeping you alive.
– from the Preface of The Laws of Secret
Master Ryuho Okawa

Chapter 1 The Secret World in Religion – Uncovering the truth of this world and the other world

Chapter 2 How the Spiritually Disturbed Can Get Back Up – Secrets of viral infections and possession

Chapter 3 – The Condition of the Real Exorcist – Spiritual rituals of exorcism

Chapter 4 – The Right Way to Conquer Devils – What is the Dharma Power to make the world shine

Chapter 5 – Creation from Faith – The secret to overcoming the crisis of mankind


A Virus War Broke Out as World War III?

A Virus War Broke Out as World War III?

On the night of Dec. 8, a Global Visionary and founder/CEO of Happy Science, Master Ryuho Okawa, gave a lecture entitled “With Savior.” Master Okawa began the lecture by reflecting on 2020, saying, I think this was a very difficult year.”

He then spoke about the discussion of whether COVID-19 was developed by China as a biological weapon to attack other nations.

Master Okawa pointed out that the coronavirus was a biological weapon, citing the following statement made by Dr. Satoshi Omura, a Nobel Prize recipient in Physiology or Medicine and a Professor Emeritus at Kitazato University:

“It is highly unlikely that the novel coronavirus came about naturally. Instead, much evidence points to the possibility that the virus was man-made. Four sections of Covid-19’s DNA sequence are identical to that of AIDS. Hence, there is a low possibility that the virus originated from nature.”

A Nobel Prize recipient in Physiology or Medicine and a Professor Emeritus at Kitazato University
A virus war broke out as WWIII
  “If there’s a country that would hide facts and attack foreign nations, harming the people of those nations, we must continue to investigate until the facts are evident,” Master Okawa said. “A virus war may have broken out as World War III.” “I presume that a different type of virus was dispersed in Europe and America based on the way the virus is spreading in numbers… No matter who becomes the U.S. president, we have to continue to research and investigate this matter. I am greatly angered towards the WHO officers who were subjugated early on by China.”

Will Americans be Able to Tolerate Defeat in a Virus War?

The majority of the mainstream media denies the theory that COVID-19 was developed by China as a biological weapon, and instead, reports that the virus originated naturally or broke out in many places simultaneously — just as China reports.

In Addition, the mainstream media remains silent about the Democrats’ potential voter fraud in the U.S. election and Hunter Biden’s China-related scandals that the New York Post reported on.

Master Okawa criticized the media for arranging a media blackout to prevent the dissemination of information about the possibility COVID-19 being artificially developed, and therefore creating a narrative that Trump is a mad dictator for believing that China developed COVID-19.

“This election wasn’t about choosing between Mr. Trump or Mr. Biden. The election was a ‘Trump versus anti-Trump’ battle’, and the mainstream media was the central axis of the anti-Trump forces.”

Master Okawa also spoke about why President Trump continues to engage in legal battles over the outcome of the presidential election.

“If Biden becomes the President next year and it becomes evident that this virus was made in China and strategically dispersed to Europe and the States, if Joe Biden and Hunter Biden have in fact been bought by China, it is not just a matter of Republicans being defeated by Democrats. It will mean that the U.S. lost against China and they are on the way to becoming the Great Chinese Empire. I’d like to leave off with a question: will Americans be able to tolerate this outcome?”

Caution of an emerging Totalitarian State

Furthermore, it was predicted that China will surpass the U.S. between 2035 and 2040, by which a hegemonic war would’ve likely occurred; however, as of 2020, it can be said that China’s State Chairman Xi Jinping thought he achieved hegemony through the virus war and Trump’s defeat.

Master Okawa pointed out that if this is the case, “China will immediately be 15 to 20 years ahead of their plan, and the strategic map of the world will change. What will happen after January of next year? It is highly likely that there will be an enormously large paradigm shift— involving Hong Kong, Taiwan, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia and Australia — that will question Asia’s way of thinking.”

He also said that the outcome will “depend on how neighboring countries, such as Japan, and European countries respond.” According to Master Okawa, “China doesn’t really have that much power yet,” and he advised Western countries to join in unity and counter China.
Towards the end of the lecture, Master Okawa called out to the audience: “What I said today may have sounded extreme. By listening in, however, consumers of misleading information will begin to have wavering thoughts at some point. After these wavering thoughts lie the middle way — this path will appear once people quietly contemplate. The world must make the right progress that stems from this middle way.”

“Faith Immunity” can protect you from this virus

There have been many cases where Happy Science members took part in the ritual prayer, “Prayer for Defeating the Infection of Novel Coronavirus Originated in China,” for their loved ones who caught COVID-19 and successfully cured them of the virus. “We have CDs of songs I make and my lectures, DVDs and books. These are all weapons (which increases your immunity) to counter COVID-19.”

Reproduzir vídeo
The Thunder


A Composition for Repelling the Coronavirus

Contact us here so that we can help you locate your nearest temple or arrange an online viewing to watch the full lecture “With Savior” or “Spiritual Messages from the Guardian Spirits of Biden and Trump.” (Suggested donation $20)
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My Mother Recovered from the Coronavirus Infection Through Ritual Prayer!

My Mother Recovered from the Coronavirus Infection Through Ritual Prayer!

Member story

In America, when the city was under a lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, Annette’s mother became infected with the coronavirus. We asked her on how she overcame the fear of her mother’s death.

I have to save my mother

It was in March of this year, when the number of infected people with the novel coronavirus was increasing fast to about hundreds and thousands of people and my area was beginning to go into lockdown. My mother gave me a phone call….
“I can’t breathe.”

I told my mother to go to the hospital immediately and I went to Happy Science local temple* by myself to take the ritual prayer, “Prayer for Defeating the Infection of Novel Coronavirus Originated in China.” I thought if my mother dies now, I will definitely have regrets. The reason I thought this is because I’ve had troubles with my mother since I was a child. My mother had been in depression after losing my older sister to an illness shortly after I was born. She would restrict me from seeing my friends or going abroad to study, so I’ve always resented her.

But after I became a member of Happy Science, I began to have gratitude towards her. When I started studying Master Okawa’s teachings and reflecting on myself, I realized that if it had not been for my mother’s love of raising me up on her own, I wouldn’t have been able to go to college. So, I wanted to improve my relationship with her.

I thought I needed to throw the negative past with my mom away. I thought I wanted to have a better, positive relationship with her. While I was taking the ritual prayer at the temple, I felt my heart becoming filled with the Lord’s Light and I started feeling warm. I felt assured that my mother must still have something to live for and she will definitely get better.

Annette | New York | USA

Master Okawa’s Teachings Saved Me

A few days later, my mother was tested positive with the coronavirus. She wasn’t breathing very well, only had 10% oxygen by herself, and was taken into the ICU. In Master Okawa’s lecture, “How to Strengthen Your Immunity,” I had already learned that fear is what weakens our immune system, so I made sure to call my mother three to six times a day to assure her that she was going to be OK.

Then, my mother just kept getting better and was moved out of the ICU on her fifth day after she was hospitalized and on her eighth she was discharged! I was so grateful for this, but what’s more, a miracle happened! My mother, who would always talk about herself started to think about other people, became more understanding, and is more thoughtful of my perspective too. What’s more, I was able to tell her that I love her. It was the first time since I was a kid that I was able to tell her. My relationship with her has changed a lot. My mother is still not a member, but she now has gratitude towards God and says she wants to help other people from now on.

Happy Science teachings have helped cure illness and improve my relationship with my mother. I have only gratitude to Master Okawa.

Annette took this prayer

“Prayer for Defeating the Infection of Novel Coronavirus Originated in China” is available to take at all Happy Science locations.

How to Strengthen Your Immunity Lecture DVD

To protect yourself from Novel Coronavirus and other infectious diseases

Available at local branches and temples worldwide

How to Strengthen Your Immunity
How to Strengthen Your Immunity
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With Savior

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